美國西北大學(Northwestern University)博士後研究學者
美國康乃爾大學(Cornell University)訪問教授
美國iiLABs產業創新研究院 院長
日本東京亞洲生產力組織(Asian Productivity Organization)政策專家顧問
SSCI期刊「Knowledge Management Research & Practice」及英國績效管理學會期刊「Measuring Business Excellence」亞洲主編
美國百森商學院(Babson College)創新創業企業學程客座教授
俄羅斯遠東聯邦大學FEFU 榮譽教授
韓國DGIST Open Innovation Academy 榮譽教授
中國文化大學產業創新經濟研究中心 主任
中國文化大學企業實務管理數位碩士在職專班 所長
中國文化大學國際企業管理學系碩士在職專班 主任

Professor Min-Ren Yan is currently the Vice President for research & development at Chinese Culture University and Faculty Director of Institute for Innovation Economy and MBA Program in Practicing in College of Business. Prof. Yan is specialized in the fields of entrepreneurial business innovation, strategic management and decision science, industrial economics, systems leadership and sustainability. He has been a Visiting Scholar and Teaching Staff at Northwestern University (NU), Visiting Associate Professor at Cornell University in USA, Adjunct Professor of management and innovation in world universities such as Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, University of Basilicata in Italy, DGIST Open Innovation Academy in Korea, Business & Management School at Central University of Finance and Economics and Nanjing University in China, Executive President of the Society of Open Innovation (SOItmC) in Taiwan, and an invited Research Fellow at National Applied Research Laboratories, for the policy research on the industrial innovations and sustainable developments of national science parks in Taiwan (ranked by WEF as the Top 1 industrial cluster). As a researcher, Prof. Yan is a SSCI/SCI Journal editor and frequent contributor to SSCI/SCI/EI journals. As an economics and innovation policy consultant for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in Tokyo, he is the Dean of iiLABs at Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy (USA) working with Sustainable Development Goals and practical Sustainable System Development (SSD) education supporting governmental agencies and diverse industries to innovations and regional developments in Asia and the global value communities.